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IntroductionIn the current era when the income is never parallel to the expenditure, people are finding new ways to earn money so they can bring betterment in their lifestyles. Students are looking for a way of earning so they can add it to their pocket money and do things on their own. Even house wives are now eager to contribute in the family earning or at least they are trying to hold up their expenses on their own.

One of answer to all these are income opportunities which are available on the internet. There are various internet based income opportunities which one can find on web or by chain of reference. Person can start either online job or online business to make money online.

Choosing the right online income source will be difficult and challenging task. Having an informative career direction will help you with getting a right opportunity. The blog, is trying to explore key topics related to online jobs/ business and it will help to build your online career through efficacious way.


  1. Advantages of online income
  2. Opportunities to earn money online
  3. Legitimate ways to make money online
    1. Freelancing
    2. Blogging
    3. Content revenue sharing
    4. PPC marketing
    5. Affiliate marketing
    6. Video marketing
    7. Email marketing
    8. Paid survey
    9. Flipping website
    10. Membership sites
    11. Sell stuff
    12. Peer-to-peer lending
  4. How to Start
    1. Select a right online income opportunity
      1. Factors to select a right online job
      2. Factors to select a profitable online business
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Conclusion

Advantages of online income:

People are always looking thinking higher income comparative to current income. Like every other thing there certain advantages and disadvantages of a web based job. Why online jobs are valuable among other job opportunities?

  1. The biggest advantage is that most of the internet jobs are home based and without the restriction of time frame. As much as you will work the more you will get paid.
  2. It is independent. You can work with own boss.
  3. Possible to start with less investment (For large, well planned online business will make sufficient cost to owner. You can start as small. It is the way to reduce cost and path to learn without falling down.)
  4. Good opportunity for talented persons to use range of skills to make money online.
  5. No age limit; anyone can work with suitable income source. This way house wives and students can take pout time from their daily routine according to their convenience and can work from the comfort of their own home.
  6. Country or living place not effect to the business. Online jobs are best opportunity for third world’s persons to make higher income comparative to their living cost.

Besides, certain kind of jobs polish certain areas of your skills such as blogging polishes your writing skills and enhance your information about current affairs, content and academic writing bring you face to face with all kinds of knowledge, e-marketing elevate your marketing skills and increase your public relation and creative jobs like web designing and graphic designing cultivate creativity in your mind.

Opportunities to earn money online:

opportunityThere are numerous options are available. A little smart work and efforts can make you a skilled freelancer and the experience can be useful for you in the future as well. Particularly for the students who have yet to step in the professional world and the knowledge gained by working on internet can prove to be an asset for them in their professional life.

Following types of online job opportunities are established on the real web. You have to look in the right way and recognize your own skills to find the best way of earning money on World Wide Web.

  1. Legitimate online jobs and businesses that make enough income to replace full-time job
  2. Legitimate online income opportunities that make little extra income(Part-time jobs)
  3. Online scams, that waste your time and steal your money (be aware)

Legitimate ways to make money online:

Legitimate-waysThe first thing which you need to look before starting a web based job is to make sure that the source of job is reliable enough and you get paid for the work you will do without any chaos. There are many websites and sources who promise for a certain amount but after a lot of effort when you complete the work, they pay you very less and give a perfect detail of the payment. All in all, candidates must consider all the aspects before starting a work so their efforts are not wasted but get paid appropriately.
While online scams and unreliable opportunities, there are legitimate and trusted opportunities are available. This guide will help you to earn income with legitimate job opportunities under following categories.

1. Freelancing

Freelancer, a self-employed worker act of selling ones services to one or more employers which does not necessarily involve long-term commitment. Some of the freelancing works include; web development, software development, writing, marketing, data entry, etc.

2. BloggingBlogging

Blog (web log) is an informational website that consisting ongoing entries often covered a single subject. It’s easy to build a blog, start blogging & there is a good opportunity to earn income through some tasks such as advertising.

3. Content revenue sharing

Content revenue sharing is the process in which a writer earns certain percentage of income from what an online company earned from ads displayed beside the writer’s content. The advantage of this online money making activity is that you don’t necessarily need to own a website to start the business.

4. PPC marketingpay per click

Pay-per-click marketing is an online business in which an advertising company pays certain fee whenever its ads are clicked. This method of internet money making is a way of driving traffic to websites where the publisher is paid when ads posted on the site is clicked.

5. Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is a process of earning online commission as a publisher by promoting other people’s products. It drives visitors towards a business through affiliate marketing efforts. The industry has three core players; the merchant, the publisher, and the customer.

6. Video marketingvideo marketing

Video marketing is an activity in which videos are incorporated into websites in order to promote the products or services. Due to its emotional and rich voice information, video marketing has effectively improved the content of many websites.

7. Email marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is an internet business which involves direct marketing of messages through electronic mail for commercial purpose. This method of online activity enables the advertiser to reach out to large numbers of new and existing customers on any current development such as promotion or discount.

A paid survey is used to collect participant’s information/habits related to specified product or services. The process involves signing up with a survey site so as to earn money by completing certain tasks and reviews or taking survey of various products.

9. Flipping website

Flipping website‘ is a process of buying a website and later resells it so as to make online income. This can be achieved by developing the website attractively and to a reasonable standard in order to maximize the profit after sales.

10. Membership sitesmembership

Setting up a membership site is one of profitable online businesses nowadays. This platform offers wide range of products or services to members who are consequently charge certain amount of money (recurring fee). Basically, what you need is to create a website which should include a membership program section, people pay specific fee to become a member and the site owner earn money while in the process building large online community.

11. Sell stuff

free stuffGetting rid of old stuff through online marketplace is an ideal way to make extra money using the internet. Disposing off of unused items through online marketplaces could fetch you extra bucks.

12. Peer-to-peer lendingP2P

Peer-to-Peer lending is an online process of lending out money to peers without formal financial intermediary or bank. The lending is normally processed through peer-to-peer lending websites while the lender fixes the interest rate to be paid by the borrower. Though loans are not secured and protected it remains one of important online businesses.

To get start with some of above opportunities require additional knowledge & skills. You should have knowledge regarding Search Optimization (SEO), website building and related tasks.

How to Start:

how-toThe resources to get an internet job are in vast numbers. If you will just put the words “internet jobs” of “how to make money online” in a search engine, it will open large number of options for you to choose from.

Select a right online income opportunity:

Factors to select a right online job

  1. History and stability of client/ company
  2. Market contribution
  3. Registration fee (Most of online scams are asking for fee to start)
  4. Payout limit
  5. Payment method
  6. Hidden cost
  7. Income against time & skills
  8. Terms of service (TOS)

Factors to select a profitable online business

  1. Income
  2. Resources
  3. Stability and trend of the targeted market
  4. Capacity of competitors
  5. Investment cost/ Capital
  6. Success stories

The threads and forums in which people are often telling others about online jobs is a good source to make a decision. There you have an advantage to take the feedback from the other threads about the source of the job.

Some websites create a reference chain to guide candidates. These are also bloggers (such as who provide you with work and save you from the hassle of finding online jobs on your own.


As for the disadvantage, there are less cons but they are very prominent ones. For example, you can never be 100 percent sure about the source from which you are getting the job to make money online. No matter how much you dig the source before starting the work; there are still some chances of jeopardizing your efforts in terms of payment.

The reason is that most of these sources are ghost as you are also a freelance worker, so you have to be very careful and luck to choose a comparatively reliable source as your employer. One more disadvantage is that, the same amount of work and time will be more paid if you will join an office or a physical organization while on internet the payment is comparatively lower.


conclusionIn short, internet has given us numerous advantages along with the advantage of earning at home. All you have to do is take out some time and do the work from the comfort of your couch. House wives can do their house hold work and work online at the same time. Students can increase the amount of their pocket money by contributing with their efforts.

If you are a good writer, go for writing, if a good researcher than you can get the work on web blogging, with good academics you can be a freelancer academic writer, creative people can opt for web designing and graphic designing, etc. All in all, on looking smartly anyone can find a way to make money online by doing the work according their own choice and skills.

This blog is a helpful guide to find the correct ways to make money online. It sustained 10+ years of internet marketing experience of the writer. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.


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